Sunday, September 19, 2021

Session 25: New Faces / New Friends

 CY 620
Sunsebb 7

The group exits the dungeon to find Larenth the Beautiful no where to be found. 
They make way back to Nulb to resupply and heal with Mother Scareg. 
New friends join the effort:
A Dwarf
A Half-Elf
And a human Fighter

They tackle the 2nd level together with new found vigor and a common goal. 

Now the dwarves are involved.

Grimm becomes a hero in the eye of St Cuthbert

Session 48 - Wounded Lolth

  Fireseek 27 The King  (abscent) Granite the Cleric of St. Cuthbert The Dwarven Cleric Half-Elf Magic-user/Thief  Talltrees the Druid (absc...