The Book of Common Sense

The book of common sense Btn_edit Btn_trash

of St. Cuthbert Minus

"Square corners can be pounded smooth."

"Thick heads are not made of glass."

"Salvation is better than smart answers."

"Evil is a stain. The darker the evil, the more pure the waters must be to wash the stain!"

- Enlightenment can penetrate even the helm of iron.

- Preach quietly, but have a large cudgel handy.

- Capricious behavior brings knots to the heads of those lacking wisdom.

- Foolishness can be beaten.

- Salvation is better than smart answers.

- Some good folk can only understand one thing.

- Evil which cannot be removed must be eliminated.

Lawful correction lies in a stout billet.

"You may cut the enemy's flesh, but you must break the bones!"

Terjon -

"St. Cuthbert of the Cudgel exacts revenge and just punishment on those who transgress the law. He was once a mortal man, who ascended to godhood long ago. He has been known to intervene when the Old One shows up, but we won't speak more of that."

Calmert -

"Remember, St. Cuthbert rewards those who give freely to the needy."

"St. Cuthbert of the Cudgel is the god of retribution. It is important that all who follow him obey the laws of the land. Our church here helps those who stray from the path of lawfulness."

"St. Cuthbert's vengeance will be swift!!"

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