Thursday, January 21, 2021

Session 13a - Searching in the corridor/cells room

While Elmond is digging through the rubble pile (thinking of becoming a carpenter) and he finds that they are covering a couple doors. Interesting?

He clears a way and opens both doors. 

This is a storage room for weapons and armor.

The following contents are in the rooms:

Room #1

30 shields

12 suits of leather armor

and several barrels of salted meat.

2 5-gallon kegs of an average brandy

Room #2

50 spears

10 glaives

6 guisarmes

3 battle axes,

70 black capes (each with a yellow eye of fire sewed on the center)

more containers of provisions,

a crate of 120 arrows

and a crate of 200 crossbow bolts.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Session 13 - One Room to Rule Them All....

 CY 620

Ready'reat 11

The group licks their wounds and searches through the main chamber.

They rescue a couple of gnome merchants that were going to be Ogre lunch!

Decision is made to eat and rest the night upstairs.

CY 620

Ready'reat 12

A new morning and a new try to go downstairs and follow the blood trail

The blood trail leads to a secret door in the pillar.

Down they go 30' to a dingy, wet sewer-like tunnel.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Session 12 - Battle of the Century

 Ready'reat 11

The group enters a large chamber after searching the Ogre room. 

The chamber is filled with zombies and as a result we have the battle of the century!

Session 48 - Wounded Lolth

  Fireseek 27 The King  (abscent) Granite the Cleric of St. Cuthbert The Dwarven Cleric Half-Elf Magic-user/Thief  Talltrees the Druid (absc...