Inns and Taverns


Blushing Trout 
Inn located in Crystal Shores

Owners turned to Zombies and killed by party

Inn of the Mirthful Jester 

Main Inn in town of Gydnia

Inn of the Welcome Wench (Welcome Wench) Btn_edit Btn_trash
Famous inn of Hommlet Minus
Operated by Ostler Gundigoot and his family.

Mouldering Cheese Inn
Inn in the Hobbit Village of Boda
Players Inn 
Secret Hideout for the Brass Rings in the South of Verbobonc 

Sink Hole 
Seedy Bar in Rashtan 

Owned by Boris One-Ear
Seedy bar in Hommlet 
Famous for its Ale 4cp
The Last Perch 
Inn halfway between Hommlet and RestWell 
The inn is a large two-story timber framed building, with carved wooden doors and a tiled mosaic floor. Accommodations consist of several large rooms with beds and feather mattresses.

An attached three-storey tower suite is reserved for noble patrons.

The Inn owner is Lemmel Beerworth. His family has run the inn for many years

Menu items:
Braised Lamb and Barley Biscuits, Glass of Whiskey (1 sp)
Roasted Mutton and Dried Beetroot, Tankard of Beer (8 cp)
Steamed Hare and Olive Pie, Glass of Port (3 sp)
Baked Perch and Dried Apricot, Glass of Port (4 sp)

This inn is famous for local perch caught in a nearby lake
Wayfarer's Place Inn & Tavern (Wayfarers' Inn) 

This is a well kept inn on the west side of Rashtan. Owned by Korec the half-orc.

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