Who's who? (NPCs)


  • Old Crone - 70 Year old lady who lives at the northernmost hovel in Hommlet.
  • Mayor Aster - Unofficial Mayor of Hommlet. Banner: Red Tree on a Black Field. He "rules" from Burnes/Rufus' old keep.
  • Aster's Red Cloaks - 24 zero level fighters who are on the payroll of Aster. Garrisoned in the keep.
  • Orwell - Inkeeper, son of Ostler Gundigoot.
  • Mother Screng - Herbalist in the town of Nulb
  • Lolths Elite Urak-Hai - Elite Orc Soldiers who are identified by a black talbert with the spider sign. They wear scalemail and carry Long swords/Light lance.

Alamanno Caro (Alamanno)  
Leader of the Northern Resistance Brass Rings
Sister of Kilkennard
Cleric of Elhonna 
His Most Worshipful Mage of Hommlet 
Kilkennard's Horseman
Elwita the Healer
Leader of the Southern Resistance Brass Rings Plus
Head Druid in the Town of Gydnia
Retired druid from Crystal Shores
Jaroo Ashstaff (Jaroo)  

Jaroo Ashstaff has been the spiritual leader of the “Old Faith” in Hommlet for the past thirty years. He was instrumental in bringing together druids and rangers of conflicting faiths to battle the Demon Forces that massed at the Temple of Elemental Evil and raided the country side.

Jaroo Ashstaff: AC 6 (padded armor); Level
7 Druid; hp 44; #AT 1; D by weapon or
spell; XP 1427; cloak of protection +2,
ring of invisibility, staff of the serpent (python), scimitar +1
S 11 I 11 W 18 D 9 Co 15 Ch 15
Standard druid abilities: identify plant type, animal type, pure water; pass without trace; immune to woodland charm; shapechange 3 times per day; +2 bonus to saving throws vs. lightning; q. v. Players Handbook page 21.
Spells normally memorized:
First level: detect magic, entangle, faerie fire, invisibility to animals, pass without trace, speak with animals
Second level: barkskin, charm person or mammal, cure light wounds, heat metal, trip, warp wood
Third level: cure disease, neutralize poison,summon insects, tree
Fourth level: cure serious wound, plant door

Black bear: AC 7; HD 3 + 3; hp 25; #AT 3; D
1-3/1-3/1-6; SA Hug (if paw hit 18 + )Dmg 2-8; XP 185

Kennus Bruun of the Lance Battalion (Kennus)  
Chosen to succeed the viscount of Verbabonc after his death 
Died 601 CY
10th Level Fighter
Murdered by Podrick at the Siege of Verbabonc
King Podrick (Podrick) (Podrick of the Stable, Kilkennard's squire)  
10th Level Cavalier 
Usurper King of Verbobonc
Murderer of Kennus
Level 10 Cavalier
Owner of Wayfarer's Place Inn & Tavern 
Lareth the Beautiful  

Six months prior, Lareth moved into the old abandoned moathouse near the village of Hommlet, establishing a bandit camp there as a cover and to provide him with protection. From here he launched attacks on nearby caravans, kidnapped locals, and held meetings with local tribes of ogres, bugbears, hobgoblins, and gnolls. Lareth succeeded at forming alliances between the Temple and many of these tribes, but secretly worked to ensure that many of the tribes were loyal only to him and not the Temple as a whole.

Sigil flaming lidless eye.

Lareth the Beautiful (human 5th level cleric of Zuggtmoy): AC: -1; Move: 12”; HD: 5d8+10; HP: 44; No. of Attacks: 2 (Staff of Striking/horseman’s mace); THAC0: 16/21*; Damage: 1d6+5, +8, or +11/1d6+2; SA: spells, magic items; Align: CE; Size: M; Morale: 75%
Str: 18, Int: 9; Wis: 18, Dex: 17, Con: 16, Cha: 18, Com: 18
Spells Memorized:
1st Level: Command, Cure Light Wounds (x2), Protection from Good, Sanctuary
2nd Level: Hold Person (x2), Know Alignment, Resist Fire, Silence 15’ Radius
3rd Level: Cause Blindness, Continual Darkness
Possessions: Plate Mail +1, Staff of Striking, Phylactery of Action
*The THAC0 is based on my adjusted penalties for fighting with two weapons. If you use the modifiers listed in the DMG, Lareth's THAC0 would be 14/19.

The Charnelite Ring has made its way back to Lareth. Idris returned it to him.

Ostler Gundigoot  
Inn Keeper of the Welcome Wench 
Ostler Gundigoot is the innkeeper and proprietor of the Inn of the Welcome Wench in Hommlet. He is a jovial fellow, somewhat overweight, with a broad smile, well-groomed beard, and booming voice. He stands roughly five-foot, nine inches and weighs somewhere around 250 lbs. His auburn hair is thinning, but retains its color, and his green eyes have a youthful exuberance that deny his middle-aged frame. He is most often dressed in a stained apron over a tunic and breeches. His staff considers him a gracious and understanding man; a pleasure to work for.
Now an older man. Retired from the managing life of his inn. Passed all responsibilities to his daughter. 594CY
Ragnar of the Wild Coast (Sole Survivor of the Krimderian Tribe) 
The Krimderian Tribe is a small race of humans (with suel blood) that settled in the plains of the wild coast region around 350 CY.
They are great hunters and ironsmiths. They loosely have formed a dozen small tribes of around 1000 people.
After the fall of Verbobonc, Ragnars tribe was wiped out by wild coast orcs. Ragnar was out hunting and returned to the slaughter.
He vowed to avenge his tribe and spent the following 5 years hunting and tracking the orcs who did this to his tribe.
As the Orcs responsible (bone scraper tribe / 2000 strong) eventually moved off to Verbobonc in Fireseek 605CY, he followed them to Verbobonc and realized that he could not do this alone. Headed south to Hommlet where he learned that there was a group of opposing the Orc bands. He joined the rebellion.

Roglathon (Roglathon the Ranger)  
Leader of the Rangers of the South 
9th Level Ranger
Warrior/protector of Hommlet 
Lives in the tower of Hommlet

Burne & Rufus – two adventurers who live in a tower that is under construction as part of a proposed fortress commissioned from Viscount of Verbobonc. The men have their own militia “Burne’s Badgers”, who also come to the aid of the village, making it clear why bandits and such have not directly threatened the town. Rufus and Burne are regulars in the Wench and are popular with the villagers for their easy going nature and the promise of prosperity the slow constuction of their castle holds. - See more at: http://theshatteredlands.com/?p=183#sthash.gPGEAKTq.dpuf

Siga Asgaurddotr (Siga)  
Siga of the North 
Norse woman from the northlands
Brass Ring
Fighter Level 1

Loyal to the cause
Bonded with Baldomero (Monk)

Head Druid in Rashtan
Agent / Ranger of the South (Lanced Battalion) 

2nd level Ranger

Sheriff Talon of Rashtan
The Sage  
Sage who is works with the brass rings

604 CY
Leader of the exiled Lance Battalion
Cavalier 8th level
44 Years old

Trose Btn_edit Btn_trash
Cleric of St. Cuthbert Minus
Lost in Demonweb
Killed by Meneleus Twin
Power Word Kill
All possessions spit up amoungst the party

Cleric 9th level
Trose, a cleric (AC 2, Lvl 9, hp 59, Al CG, S 13, I 11, W 16,
D15, C 14, Ch 15; +2 mace -NSA (no special abilities), amulet of
protection from werewolves—4 charges; acts as a protection
from werewolves scroll for one turn per charge)

First level: command (x2, C 1s, R 10'), cure light wounds (x2,
C 5s), cause light wounds* (C 5s), protection from evil
(C 4s, DR 27r)
Second level: hold person (x2, C 5s, R 60', DR 13r), know
alignment (C 1r, R 10', DR 1t), silence, 15' radius (x2, C 5s,
R 120',DR 18r), spiritual hammer (C 5s,R 30', DR 9r)
Third level: dispel magic (C 6s,R 60')
Fourth level: none
Fifth level: cure critical wounds (C 8s)

2000 PP
a scroll of three spells (all cure serious wounds)
crystal ball given to menelaus

Ulcah of the Plains, Kilkennard's bodyguard (Ulcah) Btn_edit Btn_trash
F2 Deceased
Utreshimon (Blue Dragon) Btn_edit Btn_trash
A Huge Adult Blue Dragon
Wally Btn_edit Btn_trash
Drunk of the town of Rashtan

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