Coins of Verbobonc

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Coins in Verbobonc


The nation's coins are minted in Verbobonc.

200 CP = 1 GP

20 SP = 1 GP

2 EP = 1 GP

1 GP = 1 GP

5 GP = 1 PP

Copper common - coarse design of a horse's head on one side and a set of crossed staves over a sack on the other.

2.5 grams / Size of a penny

200 CP = 1 lbs

Silver Sheridan - tower on one side and a crown on the reverse.

5 grams / Size of a nickle

100 SP = 1 lbs

Electrum knight - oval with various coats of arms on both sides.

10 grams / Size of a half dollar

50 EP = 1bs

Gold wheatsheaf - round (some slightly elliptical) a sheaf of wheat on one side the other blank.

10 grams / Size of a half dollar

50 GP = 1bs

Platinum paladin - round with an inscribed edge with Furyondy's coat of arms on one side and a portrait of Belvor IV on the other.

10 grams / Size of a half dollar

50 PP = 1bs

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