Friday, October 29, 2021

Session 29 - The liberation of Twilight Falls

  CY 620

Sunsebb 16

The group rushes the Frost Giants as a strange fellow enters the scene. 
After a long battle the hero's are victorious. 
A man named Talltrees, who claims to be an old friend of Kilkennard offers assistance to his son. 
The villagers are freed and grateful

In the morning the party leaves after a huge storm duma 6 feet of snow. 

Twenty days of travel and they are victims of a will o wisp trap. 

Needfest 4

Twenty days of travel and they are victims of a will o wisp trap. 
They close in on the dragons lair

Friday, October 22, 2021

Session 28 - Leaving Nulb (The Quest Begins for Holy Horse)

  CY 620

Sunsebb 7 - 13

The  group rests with the Mother Screng

Sunsebb 14

The group leaves Nulb and head to the lair of Chaustichlorinus, the green dragon. Taking the high road through the Gnarly Forest, North towards: Twilight Falls.

Sunsebb 15

Sleet storm and wasps

Sunsebb 16

Entering Twilight Falls

The group is welcomed by a group of Frost Giants who have the residents captive.

Verbobonc arms
Deep in the Gnarley where the woods cover the Kron hills lies the town of Twilight Falls. It is situated at the crossing of trails from Dyvers to Celene and Verbobonc to Narwell.

Until recently, Twilight Falls was little more than a way station. A large temple complex dedicated to Farlanghan was built in this town, making travel easier. Soon after came the discovery of gold and mithral in the hills, and ipp wood in the nearby forests. After these discoveries, people flocked to the growing town. This small town is situated on the ruins of an ancient elven outpost, and the two giant trees that flank the waterfall in the center of town are silent and majestic reminders of the community now long gone. The town is currently ruled by Lord Mayor Valorek Greymantle, who is assisted by an elected council of advisors.

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Session 27 - The final battle of the TOEE

 CY 620
Sunsebb 7
The group battles Zugguymot
The truth unfolds

Session 26 - Forward to the end

 CY 620
Sunsebb 7

The group finds entrance to the 3rd level. The box opens. Cuthbert comes forward to battle Iuz
The Demoness reveals herself

Session 48 - Wounded Lolth

  Fireseek 27 The King  (abscent) Granite the Cleric of St. Cuthbert The Dwarven Cleric Half-Elf Magic-user/Thief  Talltrees the Druid (absc...