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Timeline of Major Events in the Fellowship Minus
569 CY
Battle of Emridy Meadows
Horde of elemental evil scattered

573 CY
Prince of Furyondy kidnapped

579 CY
Midsummers eve
Fellowship of Eight Disappears from Hommlet
Enters Souragne

594 CY
Return to Hommlet
Kilkennard and company sent to destroy slavelords
Battle of Harvester 18 (SlaveLords)
Viscount Wilfred dies on the 21st of Patchwell
Patchwell 23 (Return to Souragne)

597 CY
Kennus crowned King of Verbobobc

600 CY
Fall of Verbobonc
Kennus Dies in the defense of the city
Podrick takes the crown

604 CY
Sunsebb 15
Return to Oerth
United with Lance Battalion

Sunsebb 17
Enter Demonweb

Sunsebb 20
Death of Kilkennard and company
The Crow moves on

605 CY
Fireseek 1
The Brass Rings
Verbobonc fell in 600 CY with the destruction of the last defense (Lanced Battalion) and the death of Kennus.
Verbobonc is ruled by the evil tyrant Podrick.
No weapon is allowed to be carried within the city (punishable by death).
A strict curfew is in place.
A organized resistance called "The Brass Rings" has been operating within the city walls in open rebellion against the tyrant rule. The faction is formed of: acolytes of St. Cuthbert, followers of Olidammara, members of the Scarlet Guild (local thieves/assassins guild), and Rangers of the Gnarly Wood (Rangers of the South). Safe houses and ambushes are marked by an "O". Members use a brass ring (of a sort) as the primary identifier.

620 CY
Ready'reat 1
Granite and Company

Sunsebb 1-7
TOEE and distruction of Zuggymoy

Sunsebb 14
Quest for Holy Horse

Fireseek 620CY 
Battle for Verbobonc

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