Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Session 1: We're baaaaack! on Oerth

620 CY

Ready'reat 4

Cloudy/Cool/No rain

On the road to Hommlet from Verbobonc


Granite Gunndecker, the son of Grimm Gunndecker

Jager, the Ranger

Lyric the Thief

Tib-dib the Almighty Magic-User

The group gets ambushed on the road by an Ogre (and his goblin servants).

The group puts the threat down and find a "Wanted: Dead or Alive" poster for "The Son of Grimm" in his possession.


600XP each 


Small bow w/ crude arrows (-1 to hit combined)

"Wanted: Dead or Alive Poster of Granite Gunndecker, the son of Grimm Gunndecker"


  1. Granite Gunndecker, the son of Grimm Gunndecker looked at the wanted poster in horror. Why that's the worst depiction of myself I've ever seen! I'm far more handsome than that, that pitiful pile of offal that bitch dares to put on a wanted poster and, and distribute across the land! I will take my righteous cudgel and smack some sense into the scarecrow brained fool of an artist who drew this folly!

    Come on lads, reach deep down inside yourselves and find your stones. We have some common sense to thump into people. BASTARDS!

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  3. Jager carefully folds the Wanted poster into the confines of his pocket...


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