Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Session 10 - The Meeting

 Ready'reat 11


Courtyard of the Moathouse

Pelgrad and Kronkel come looking for Granite Gundecker sent by Orwell

The groups unite and continue to clear the ground level of the ruins.

Clearing the south area where they are attacked by a large poisonous snake.

Clear the west where they are attacked by a large tick in the old kitchen.

They find a secret entrance to the lower level.


  1. Treasure Chest Go BOOM!!!
    That hurt just a bit.
    We killed a giant snake
    Hope the new players had fun.
    Overall not a bad session
    I was a little tired. That had been a long day for me.

    1. Great game! We need the thief to disarm that trap

    2. Yeah, it’s become obvious the fighting man simply doesn’t have the finesse with the trap neutralizing that the thief would have.


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