Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Session 13 - One Room to Rule Them All....

 CY 620

Ready'reat 11

The group licks their wounds and searches through the main chamber.

They rescue a couple of gnome merchants that were going to be Ogre lunch!

Decision is made to eat and rest the night upstairs.

CY 620

Ready'reat 12

A new morning and a new try to go downstairs and follow the blood trail

The blood trail leads to a secret door in the pillar.

Down they go 30' to a dingy, wet sewer-like tunnel.

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  1. For hours we hunted around in circles for the ghoul until his trail of blood led me to the foul demon's hidden getaway, and then there with the pathway clear an dopen, the fresh kill's lifeforce still warm and congealing on the cobble, I pressed downward to slay the beast at last! But standing in the muck no light followed me, the tide had turned....and back up in the torture chamber the decision was made to again examine the examined ancient stuck doors and tap around on the other 6 pillars....while the Ranger reclines for the passing 2 more hours on this TORTURE bed and waits for the ghoul to get away....he wonders: Is this a Kingdom of "Men" even worth ruling?


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