Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Session 12 - Battle of the Century

 Ready'reat 11

The group enters a large chamber after searching the Ogre room. 

The chamber is filled with zombies and as a result we have the battle of the century!


  1. And they shall know NO Fear, for they are the blessed of Saint Cuthbert, the instruments of his divine will. We shall crush his heathen enemies, destroy those ungrateful punks and smash their smarmy faces!!

  2. Find your stones!...oh wait the battle is over. Must stop frothing. I move to Krokel and attempt to heal his wounds.

    "For he stood before the horde of wretched undead and unflinching swung his sword in defiance of the Chaos. Truly the light of courage doth shine from his blade!"


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