Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Session 5 - Mother Screng

 620 CY

Ready'reat 6




Granite Gunndecker, the son of Grimm Gunndecker

Jager, the Ranger

Lyric the Thief

Freds Character

On the road to Nulb the group is ambushed by gnolls
Entering Nulb they instantly stop at the Herbalist , Mother Screng. 
She welcomes then and reveals to them something they always knew:
They must continue what their fathers failed at, defeat the spider queen. 
Larenth the beautiful, the high priest of the elemental eye guards items left by their fathers. 


  1. Jagermeister (master hunter) spends a fitful night tossing and turning (both with and without the Screng's elder daughter). The realization is a flood over him. He seeks Cuthbert's guidance and accepts his destiny.

  2. Elmond Herseford aka Drake Morseby
    follower of St. Cuthbert


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