Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Corespondence to Prince Reickart the Son of King Daniel the Lionhearted


DISPATCH To The Prince Reickart Son of King Daniel The Lionhearted

From His Good Cousin Elmond Herseford

St Cuthbert has sent me on a most Holy Mission. On way to Village of Nulb have meet with Jager the Heir to the Crown of Verbobonc and his 2 associates. We had a chance encounter with some gnolls.

Sorry to toss away your orders so casually. In the Village of Nulb I ran into one of my contacts. Jager and his people where looking for this same contact Mother Screng. Mother Screng informed the others of the party that it is time they dealt with the Temple of Elemental Evil. Thus we find ourselves on a Holy Mission to retrieve St Cuthberts Mace.

We arrived at the Temple. Actually walked around the whole place. It seems to be sealed as to the story we where told. After a day of extensive searching we found a way down into the depths. I was bitten by hundreds of giant rats. It was a nasty fight.

I must burn this letter now. Wish me luck in battle and St Cuthbert’s Strength

Writing it out makes it more plausible.

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