Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Session 11 - Entering the dungeon below

Ready'reat 11

The group finishes clearing the ground level and enters the dungeon below

Pelgrad mind melts everything in his path.


Giant Lizard

Green Slime



  1. According to Pelgrad

    We are in the Moat House having met the people that we were sent to assist by Orwell. We defeated a large snake, a giant tick(?) and have stacked and cleared and several rooms, including a kitchen, a secret room, and a secret staircase, we are now poised to continue to clear this foul place. We enter the next room and a giant lizard attacks Neil, He and the other fighter make short work of it. There is a chest in the room. I suggest to open the lizard up (more then Neil already did) and examine it’s stomach.
    We find a shield in the lizard’s stomach, and a chest, in the chest we find a crossbow and quarrels and some sort of armor. We put this treasure with the other chest, the ranger took the shield and the armor. We then started to explore the other passage we found to the west, it quickly turned into stairs, at the top of the steps a green slime dropped on the Fighter and began to eat into his armor, I was fortunately able to mentally subdue it, I collected some of the green slime and burned the rest, it should be inert for several days.
    After this we (I) decided that we should take the secret stairs we discovered behind the cabinet. The ranger said that there had been a lot of traffic up and down, including something quiet large and clawed(?).
    The room ends, in a small room (2 arm lengths by 2 arm lengths?), I was still on the stairs when someone found the mechanism that opened a wall, there was immediately fighting. Took me a moment to get down to the level and see an ogre killing my companions. Fortunately I was there to cast and then melt his mind.

  2. A lot of fighting lizards, slime, and a hungry troll. Used up next to last Keoghtom's Ointment. The Ranger is back which is nice. Someone else can set off all the traps now and pull the doors open.

    Hopefully we can camp and play some cards. Everyone has a little bit of treasure now. I still have to see what this dagger does.

    Pelgrad cast a spell and put me to sleep. It worked out I guess? Mr. Ogre was dead when I woke up.


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