Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Session 2 - Entering Hommlet

 620 CY Ready'reat 4

Cloudy/Cool/No rain/Thundera and Lightnigh in the distance(South)

On the road to Hommlet from Verbobonc, one hex north outside of Hommlet


Granite Gunndecker, the son of Grimm Gunndecker

Jager, the Ranger

Lyric the Thief (Abscent)

Tib-dib the Almighty Magic-User

The session begins with the group hiding the bodies of the Ogre and Goblins

The party sees Hommlet in the distance and approach,  a storm is approaching from the south. 

The northern end of Hommlet looks unkept and in ruin. On a post the group sees the wanted post on a bulletin board.

Granite, hoping to find a place to hide, knocks on the first house which looks vacant.

A old woman answers who warns them of people poking around asking peculiar questions. 

Granite tries to disguise himself,

The local militia checks on the new arrivals and tells them to seek lodging at the Inn of the Welcome Wench.

Party heads to the inn

Inn of the Welcome Wench

Jager enters the Inn and speaks with Orwell the "Inn Keeper"

He secures lodging in the basement

The group sneaks in an bed down to get some much-needed rest.

Late at night, a rukus is heard upstairs. Orwell bursts into the locked room.

"Quick! Hurry! They are here for you! Escape through the storage room." He shoves a torch in your hand and disappears back through the door.

Jager knows where to go.


300XP each 

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