Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Session 3 - Escape from Hommlet

 620 CY Ready'reat 5 (Midnight)

Basement storage room of the Inn of the Welcome Wench


Granite Gunndecker, the son of Grimm Gunndecker

Jager, the Ranger

After Orwell hands the torch to Granite, the group flees to the escape tunnel. They come up near the village town hall. They go back for the horses which are in the stable.

They fight there way out battling some of Lolth's elite orc guards who are mounted on horseback.

They escape Hommlet and decide to head to Nulb where Granite may have a contact, Mother Screng.

On the road they are ambushed by 2 ghouls. Jager is wounded and they need to rest for the night.


300 Participation

250 for getting out of Hommlet

250 for the battles

1 comment:

  1. Well, it certainly is good to be wanted by the Spider Bitch. It’s obvious she really wants some of this. (Rude gesture)
    I have a large knobby flanged tool to smash her face with expert timing. Say goodbye to your teeth, hussy.
    Find your stones, lads! The war against that harlot of evil is nigh at hand and the return to the righteous forefront by Cuthbert’s loyal followers is coming!


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